Have you ever come home from work and you can’t wait to take off your boots because your feet hurt so badly? Maybe it’s a case you were out hunting and your day ended early because your feet were so wet and cold? Chances are situations like these could have been avoided if you had the right boot footwear on.

At Pickaboot.com we don’t just do simple reviews on boots. Our staff believes in dissecting every part of a boot when we do a comprehensive review of it. We take a close look at insoles, midsoles, and outsoles. Our experts want to know how a boot’s footbed is constructed and what makes it comfortable. We even go over such things as how waterproof a boot is and if it will do a good job of keeping your feet warm in the colder months. If there is an important characteristic of a boot you can think of chances are we have taken a closer look at it in our review.

The boot experts on our team don’t just tell you what’s good about a pair of boots either; we will also point out the things we did not like about a particular pair of boots if there are any. Each article also contains an extensive boot buying guide, such as top tactical boots, military boots, comfortable safety shoes or most comfortable work boots, that tells you what to focus on when buying a specific type of boot. That’s the best way for you to judge everything about a particular boot so you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect boot for your needs.