Best Army Boots (Buying Guide for Military Footwear 2020)

Are you a member of the military who often complains that your government issued footwear underperforms or your feet hurt after a long day? Well, it’s no secret that a lot of military gear including boots is often not made to the standards that they should be. That’s why so many military personnel elect to make their own boot purchases. But even then it’s possible to get a pair of combat boots that don’t meet your needs adequately. How do you find the best military boots? Reading this article will certainly help you with that.

Here we will review several pairs of what we feel are the best army boots. We will also include a military boot buying guide.  The best part is that you don’t even need to be an army member. Every outdoor, wilderness, and survival enthusiast will benefit from having a fine pair of army boots.

Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots (Beige)

Ryno Gear Combat Boots

  • Price : $
  • Material : Leather / Ballistic nylon
  • Sole : Rubber
  • Weight : 1.5 lbs. each
  • Length : 8”
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Reebok Work Duty Men's Rapid Response RB RB8894 8" Tactical Boot

Reebok Work Duty Men’s Rapid Response 8″ Boot

  • Price : $$$
  • Material : Leather / Textile
  • Sole : Rubber
  • Weight : 1.7 lbs. each
  • Length : 7 ½”
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Garmont T8 Bifida Military Boot

  • Price : $$$$
  • Material : Suede /Nylon mesh / Canvas
  • Sole : Vibram
  • Weight : 1.7 lbs. each
  • Length : 8”
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Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot, Made in USA

Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra-Light Assault Boot

  • Price : $$$$
  • Material : Leather / Nylon
  • Sole : Vibram
  • Weight : 1.2 lbs. each
  • Length : 8″
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Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v Fq0000105 Work Boot

Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Combat Boot

  • Price: $$
  • Material : Leather / Textile
  • Sole : Synthetic
  • Weight : 2.4 lbs. each
  • Length : 8″
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Best 10 Military Boots (New List 2020)

Here is what we feel are the best military boot buys you will find in the footwear marketplace:

1-Ryno Gear Combat Boots

Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots (Beige)Ryno Gear has an excellent reputation among military boot buyers and combat boot models like this one are the reason why. These military boots are priced right, solidly built and will give you long-lasting comfort when wearing them.

What makes these Ryno Gear Combat Boots so comfortable when wearing them? It’s their outstanding features such as their CoolMax breathable lining, slip-resistant rubber soles, and their shock-absorbing midsoles.

These 8-inch highs over the ankle combat boots are made using a combination of leather and cut resistant nylon which makes them durable and helps keep them lightweight too.

Here is a combat boot that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in that you will really be satisfied with it. That’s why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will even pay the return freight if you don’t like them.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed/Free returns
  • Leather/Ballistic nylon construction
  • CoolMax breathable lining
  • Slip-resistant rubber soles
  • Shock-absorbing midsoles
  • Each boot weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.


  • Not total immersion waterproof
  • No safety toe

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2-Reebok Work Duty Men’s Rapid Response 8″ Boot

Reebok Work Duty Men's Rapid Response RB RB8894 8" Tactical BootReebok may be best known for the sneakers they make but they make a high quality combat boot too. This boot is lightweight and comfortable and very suitable for extended wear. This is a really great looking army boot too.

This 7 1/2” high over the ankle boot offers some support for your ankles while still remaining flexible at the same time. Some of its better comfort features are its polyurethane cushioning insert and its innovative heel shock eliminator.

The Reebok Men’s Army Boot is one durable piece of footwear too, thanks to its combination of leather and nylon construction. It also features a safety rated composite toe and its specially designed rubber soles offer great stability and super traction under all different conditions.


  • 7 ½” high over the ankle style boot
  • Tough leather/textile construction
  • ASTM-rated safety composite toe
  • High traction rubber soles
  • polyurethane cushioning insert/heel shock eliminator
  • These boots weigh approximately 1.7 lbs. each


  • Seem to run a ½ size small
  • Need some break in time

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3-Garmont T8 Bifida Military Boot

GARMONT T8 BIFIDA TACTICAL BOOTGarmont is well-known for making high quality boot products and this military style boot from them is no exception. It’s well-designed, comfortable and even has a touch of good looks thrown in the mix.

These AR 670-1 Compliant 8” over the ankle boots are comfortable due to such things as their excellent ventilation and their superior shock absorbing ability. Another outstanding feature that’s built into them is their stable and skid-resistant Vibram sole.

This boot is also known as being an excellent wet weather boot. It’s not 100% immersion waterproof but they are a combat boot that dries out very quickly after getting wet. They are one really tough and durable military boot too, thanks to such features as their suede/nylon mesh upper.


  • Superior shock reduction
  • Suede/Nylon mesh/Canvas construction
  • Quick drying and excellent breathability
  • Durable Vibram sole
  • Excellent wet weather/AR 670-1 Compliant boot
  • These boots weigh approximately 1.7 lbs. each


  • Need to treat them periodically or the suede and canvas will crack
  • Lacing them up takes some time

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4-Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra-Light Assault Boot

Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot, Made in USAThere are few military boot manufacturers that are as popular as Belleville. That’s because they always do an exceptional job making combat boots that perform well and last a long time.

These One Xero 320 combat boots are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The cushioning polyurethane insert is also removable to allow them to dry faster. There is also polyurethane foam added to the midsole to help increase this military boots comfort level even more.

If you like high boots that offer lots of support then you will like these 8” mid-calf boots. They also a feature a very good Vibram sole that won’t break down easy and offers you great traction and stability as you move about. Their suede leather and nylon construction adds nicely to this boots toughness and looks.


  • 8” High, mid-calf boot
  • Suede leather/Nylon construction
  • Polyurethane midsole and insert for comfort
  • Tough Vibram sole
  • Berry compliant USA made boot
  • Each boot weighs approximately 1.2 lbs.


  • Not waterproof
  • No built-in safety toe

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5-Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Combat Boot

Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v Fq0000105 Work BootHere is a good looking boot model from Rocky Men’s that not only makes for a great army boot but also can be used as an excellent work boot too. Each boot stands 8” high so they offer superior ankle support and that also helps keep groundwater, mud and other nuisance conditions from affecting your comfort as you wear these military boots.

The Rocky Men’s S2v Fq0000105 boot will also allow you to move in them more like you are wearing sneakers than protective boots. They are lightly padded in all the right places and offer those that wear them superior shock reduction ability too. The advanced dry-wicking technology built into them only adds to these well-designed boots comfort level.

One of the nicer features on these combat boots is their proprietary high wall sole. It elevates the main boot material enough that it protects it more against wetness and wear. The leather and textile construction makes these military boots a very durable boot option also.  


  • Good looking 8” high boot
  • Leather and Textile construction
  • Advanced dry-wicking technology
  • Proprietary synthetic high wall sole
  • Roll stop ankle stability technology
  • Each boot weighs approximately 2.4 lbs.


  • Their design trades some weight for increased durability
  • Wide sizes not as wide as some buyers had hoped

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Reebok Men's Dauntless 8" Lace-Up with Side Zip Work Boot Composite Toe - Rb8835

Reebok Men’s Dauntless 8″ Side Zip Boot

  • Price : $$$
  • Material : Suede leather / Ballistic nylon
  • Sole : Rubber
  • Weight : 1.7 lbs. each
  • Length : 8”
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Altama Footwear Men's Foxhound SR 8" Boot

Altama Footwear Men’s 8″ Boot

  • Price : $$$
  • Material : Suede Cordura® and 1000 Denier nylon
  • Sole : Rubber
  • Weight : 2 lbs. each
  • Length : 8”
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Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boot 2 Boots

Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boots

  • Price : $$$
  • Material : Cordura and breathable synthetic upper
  • Sole : Rubber
  • Weight : 1.2 lbs. each
  • Length : 8”
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Danner Men's Usmc Rat Temperate Boot,Brown,3 R

Danner Men’s USMC Rat Temperate Boot

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Material : Polyurethane coated/leather covered toe and heel
  • Sole : Vibram 360
  • Weight : 3 lbs.
  • Length : 8″
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Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

Magnum Men’s Elite Spider Boot

  • Price: $$
  • Material : Suede and denier nylon uppers
  • Sole : Vibram rubber
  • Weight : less than 2 lbs. each
  • Length : 8″
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6-Reebok Men’s Dauntless 8″ Side Zip Boot

Reebok Men's Dauntless 8" Lace-Up with Side Zip Work Boot Composite Toe - Rb8835We are not sure if Reebok set out to create a super-comfortable boot when they designed these 8” side zip boots but that’s exactly what came out of this design. Those that have purchased these military boots rave about how comfortable they are even after wearing them for the better part of a day.

What makes them so comfortable? The list of features that help with that is a long one. Part of that has to do with their shock absorbing and stay dry moisture-wicking insert. They also have an antimicrobial mesh lining that keeps them smelling fresh and helps these boots feel better when on your feet. The waterproof membrane that’s built into the Men’s Dauntless Army Boot also allows your feet to stay dry even in inclement weather.

The suede leather/ballistic nylon construction that this boots upper have makes it one tough boot to that also provides good support. When you factor in this military boot’s composite safety toe and non-slip dual density rubber sole it makes for a great all-around military boot.


  • Shock absorbing/Moisture-wicking insert
  • Suede leather/Ballistic nylon construction
  • Composite safety toe
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Antimicrobial nylon mesh lining
  • These boot weighs approximately 1.7 lbs. each


  • Those with wider feet may not like the toe box size
  • Tend to run a ½ size large

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7-Altama Footwear Men’s 8″ Boot

Altama Footwear Men's Foxhound SR 8" BootHere is a boot company that has been satisfying military personnel since 1969. That means a lot of experience goes into the design of the combat boots they make. Perhaps that explains why these boots are so well-made and so popular.

Why do many buyers think this military boot has superior design? Just take a look at the many different features that help make it durable and comfortable to wear. These include such things as its polymer speed lacing eyelets, slip-resistant carbon rubber outsole and its decorative and strong suede/nylon upper.

Your feet will stay comfortable and dry all day thanks to its antimicrobial moisture-wicking air mesh lining and its custom fit EVA insole with high performance cushioning. It will almost feel like you are wearing sneakers when you have these high-performance combat boots on. Its composite toe box and heel make it a very safe shoe too.


  • Polymer speed lacing eyelets
  • Suede Cordura® and 1000 Denier nylon upper
  • Custom fit EVA insole with high performance cushioning
  • Slip-resistant carbon rubber outsole
  • Antimicrobial moisture-wicking air mesh lining
  • Each individual boot is approximately 2 lbs.


  • Slightly heavy at 2 lbs. each
  • Not a good cold weather boot choice

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8-Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boots

Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boot 2 BootsThis famous sunglass company quite surprisingly makes a very good army boot too. The Oakley Men’s 8” Light Assault Boot was designed with strength, mobility and comfort in mind. These boots hug your feet and move naturally with you when you are wearing them.

Their lightweight and breathable Cordura® synthetic upper helps you move about unrestricted and helps keep your feet dry too. Both the heel of this AR670-1 compliant boot and the EVA midsole has nice shock absorbing capabilities too.

If you are on the battlefield you don’t want to have to stop your advance to pause and tie your boots; Oakley has got you covered here with their innovative lace locking system. The advanced rubber sole technology this military boot has will help prevent slipping and keep your foot stable as you move about.


  • Advanced rubber sole technology
  • Cordura®/Synthetic upper
  • AR670-1 compliant boot
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Lace locking system
  • These boots weigh 1.2 lbs. each


  • Slightly heavy at 2 lbs. each
  • Not a good cold weather boot choice

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9-Danner Men’s USMC Rat Temperate Boot

Danner Men's Usmc Rat Temperate Boot,Brown,3 RAre you a US Marine that’s interested in some durable, ultra-supportive and comfortable footwear? Then you may want to take a closer look at these US Marine Corp approved combat boots. They will hold up well for you under any weather conditions and will help you comfortably go across all types of terrain too.

These military boots were developed by Danner working side by side with Marine Corp personnel. There are many great features that were added to this boot design as a result of that collaboration. Some of the outstanding features on these boots include a GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable membrane and a comfort-enhancing polyurethane coated/leather covered toe and heel.

Even the outsole technology on the USMC Rat Temperate Boot is of superior all-weather quality. Unlike some types of rubber boot soles, its Vibram 360 sole with Dri Ice™ technology maintains good traction even when the weather is extremely cold.

These boots are a little bit to the heavy side but most Marines are willing to trade that for their durability, foot protection, and all-weather comfort.


  • Speed lacing eyelets
  • USMC-certified
  • GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable membrane
  • Polyurethane coated/leather covered toe and heel
  • Vibram 360 sole with Dri Ice™ technology
  • 3 lbs. all-weather/all-terrain boot


  • These are a heavy boot
  • Some will find them too warm for hot weather use

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10-Magnum Men’s Elite Spider Boot

Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 BootMagnum is a reputable manufacturer that makes a lot of popular boots. This 8” high mid-calf military boot from them is no exception. It’s built to hold up well under extreme conditions and it’s also designed to enhance performance and comfort when you are wearing them.

The Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot is loaded with comfort features. These include such things as its breathable aero-mesh lining that also has moisture-wicking properties. There is a removable sockliner too and several areas designed to cushion shocks as you are walking or running.

This combat boot also has a Vibram rubber sole that will give the user superior traction even in adverse conditions. Its suede and denier nylon uppers add to this boot’s durability and good looks.


  • 8” high mid-calf boot
  • High traction Vibram rubber sole
  • Suede and denier nylon uppers
  • Breathable aero-mesh/moisture-wicking lining
  • Contoured removable sockliner
  • Each boot weighs just less than 2 lbs.


  • These are hard to get into without almost complete unlacing them
  • The padding in the upper is a bit much

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Military Boots Buying Guide: Features To Focus On?

best army boots

  • Construction

It’s no secret if you are going to be purchasing boots to use for your military job you are going to need them to be built using materials that are sturdy and durable. Otherwise, you are going to be purchasing new boots again in just a few months.

Fortunately, combat boot manufacturers are aware of this for the most part and they are now using boot materials that are tougher than ever but still keep them light. That’s exactly what you want. Look for army boots that feature such materials as Denier nylon, ballistic nylon, cowhide leather, suede leather and other materials that are light in weight and can take a beating and resist abrasions without wearing down easily. If you are familiar with the best tactical boots then you will also have no problem understanding what makes a combat boot great as well.

  • Long Lasting Comfort

It does not matter how well put together and tough your new combat boots are made if they hurt your feet when you wear them. Having military boots that are comfortable to wear is absolutely an essential requirement.

What signs do you look for that point to a combat boot being comfortable to wear? There are several of them and most manufacturers go out of the way to point these boot comfort characteristics out.

Boot comfort characteristics include such things as shock absorbing midsoles, moisture-wicking liners, mesh areas that increase ventilation and padded foot areas. Also on this list, you will find comfort features such as GORE-TEX waterproof membranes, polyurethane memory foam inlays and roll stop ankle stability technology.

Taking your time to find a military boot that is comfortable to wear cannot be emphasized enough.

  • Weight

If you are working out in the gym does it tire you out more when you lift 30 pounds or 50 pounds? You will definitely notice the difference a little. The same applies to combat boots too. The lighter your boots the less they will contribute to you getting fatigued as you are moving about. Lightweight boots are a good option in general and we’ve written all about it.

One thing to keep in mind here though, if you have a military job that’s very demanding on your boots it may be worth it to sacrifice a little extra weight for increased durability.

  • Cushioning/Shock absorption

There is nothing that is harder on your feet than a military boot that does not have padding in the right places or some shock absorbing capability. So look for these things when you are out shopping for new combat boots or shopping online.

Look for such things as polyurethane foam inserts, shock absorbing EVA midsoles and hills that have padding that springs back as you walk or run. These things all contribute to your new boots comfort when wearing so it’s something you have to get right.

  • Stay Dry Lining/Waterproofing/Water Resistance

Military Boot ReviewsThere absolutely is nothing worse than having your feet get wet and then having to stay that way in your boot all day. Not to mention how bad your feet will smell when you take your boots off. It can make your day much more miserable than it needs to be but there are ways to minimize this.

This is where the Gore-Tex membranes really shine. Additionally, look for moisture-wicking antimicrobial boot liners, boot ventilation, and fast drying materials to help keep moisture out of your combat boots as much as possible.

  • Boot Height

Boot height is an important factor when choosing a new pair of military boots too. It has to do with both ankle stability and keeping the elements out of your boots. It stands to reason that the higher the boot the better supported your ankles will be and the less chance there is that mud and water will go over your boots into them.

There is a trade-off here too though. If foot flexibility and range of motion are important to you then a slightly lower army boot may be better for you. So match your individual needs to the height of the boot you will be.

  • Safety Features

Best Military BootsNot only do you want to purchase a comfortable military boot but you always want that boot to help keep your feet safe. So look for important safety features built into any boot you are thinking about purchasing. These include some things as hardened safety toe inserts, roll stop ankle stability technology and puncture proof seals. Combat boots that have heel guards and cut resistant material are great to have also. Boot safety features are especially important if you work in an area where there is a high risk of dropping heavy objects on your feet.

  • Anti-slip Outsole

Traction is paramount when doing any military task and that’s why it’s so important to have a great outsole on any military boot you purchase. Look for combat boots whose soles are made of natural enhanced rubber. Such soles are the Vibram ones and they have been around for years. They will give you the best all-weather traction possible. Also, look to buy a boot from a company that it’s obvious they put some thought in their outsole tread design.

  • Zippers vs Laces

All military boots are lace up versions for the most part and a lot of this has to do with dress tradition. The one bad thing about having boots that only use laces is it makes getting in and out of them a slow process. All that changed when military boot manufacturers started to include side zippers on their boot models. If you have a military job that requires you to dress in a hurry at times, then you will definitely want boots with side zippers built into them. Both boots with laces and combination side zippers can be nicely tightened just the way you like them.

  • Armed Services Approval

If you are in the military and you want to use your new combat boots while on duty you have to make sure your branch of the service will allow that with the pair of boots you are thinking about purchasing. Some of the branches are stricter about these things than others. You will also have to make sure it’s approved with the type and color of uniform that you typically wear. This is well worth a quick check before you make your military boot purchase or you might get stuck with a pair of boots you can’t wear.

  • Warranty

How do you give yourself a little peace of mind when you purchase new combat boots? The answer to that is you get the best warranty you can possibly get on any pair of military boots you buy. This is especially important if you are purchasing a very expensive pair of army boots.

Don’t just be satisfied with any old warranty either. Look for one that not only lasts a long period of time but also covers every part on the boots. The good thing is that our team has written all about the finest boots on the market and you can rest assured that they come with a very decent warranty.

A warranty is also an excellent deciding factor when you are trying to choose between two similar airs of boots. Of course, you will select the pair of combat boots that has the best warranty.

Military Boots FAQ’s

army boot reviews

Question: What does it mean if a boot is Berry compliant?

Answer: As early as 1941 the Congress of the USA realized a need to protect the American workforce in times of war. They enacted legislation that mandated the US DOD (Department of Defense) purchase American made goods first if they were available. The Berry Amendment took that one step further in 1951.

So now if you see a military boot that is said to be Berry compliant; it means the majority of its components or the boot in its entirety were sourced from American businesses.

The reason this is important is for reimbursement purposes if you purchase combat boots out of your own pocket. If a boot is Berry compliant you stand a much better chance of getting some type of reimbursement money back from the branch of military service you are in.

Question: What are the differences between hot-weather and temperate-weather combat boots?

Answer: With today’s advanced military boot materials this is not an easy question to answer. That’s because nowadays it’s not unusual to even see winter boots that are lighter in nature.

As a general rule though hot-weather boots have several different traits that set them apart from temperate-weather boots. They often feature such things as a much lighter weight, increased ventilation, more moisture-wicking materials and they may even have less thick padding and lighter outsoles too.

Question: What’s the difference between olive Mojave and olive drab?

Answer: These are official American Army military colors. Olive drab has been around almost as long as the US Army itself. This was the traditional green color uniform that dominated Army uniforms for several decades. The green in the uniform was said to be about the color of a green olive; hence the name olive drab for this color uniform.

The Army’s military color needed a change when they started to fight in more barren and desert-like climates in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. The new tannish colored uniforms that came from that were designated as olive Mojave in color.

This is important when boot shopping because only certain boots are approved for wear with these different Army uniform color schemes.

Question: What’s the difference between coyote tan and desert tan?

Answer: You would have to ask us this question. Military colors can certainly be confusing to anyone to try and figure out. But we will do our best to answer.

In this case, though there is a distinct difference between these two color shades. Coyote tan can even be called a medium to a lighter shade of brown if you want. Whereas the color desert tan is extremely light in nature and is more of an extremely light beige color.

When you are purchasing boots to go with a military uniform you will have no problems telling the difference between the two.

Question: What do ST, CT, and AT mean?

Answer: This has to do with toe protection in any combat boot. Some military boots include hardened safety toe protection and some don’t. When deciding what level of toe protection you want in a military boot some of it comes down to job requirements and other times it is just personal preference.

These three designations have to do with the level of protection that a military boot with a safety toe gives you.

ST is a steel toe boot that offers maximum protection against very heavy objects. A CT designation is a lightweight composite safety toe that still offers good protection for your toes. An AT safety toe designation means that safety toe is made out of lighter alloy metals and offers the lowest level of protection of the three.

Best Military Boots Comparison Chart

Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots (Beige)
$Leather / Ballistic nylonRubber1.5 lbs. each8”
Reebok Work Duty Men's Rapid Response RB RB8894 8" Tactical Boot
$$$Leather / TextileRubber1.7 lbs. each7 ½”
Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot
$$$$Suede /Nylon mesh / CanvasVibram1.7 lbs. each8”
Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra-Light Assault Boot
$$$$Leather / NylonVibram1.2 lbs. each8”
Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v Fq0000105 Work Boot
$$Leather / TextileSynthetic2.4 lbs. each8”
Reebok Men's Dauntless 8" Side Zip Boot
$$$Suede leather / Ballistic nylonRubber1.7 lbs. each8”
Altama Footwear Men's Foxhound SR 8" Boot
$$$Suede Cordura® and 1000 Denier nylonRubber2 lbs. each8”
Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boot 2 Boots
$$$Cordura and breathable synthetic upperRubber1.2 lbs. each8”
Danner Men's USMC Rat Temperate Boot
$$$$$Polyurethane coated/leather covered toe and heelVibram3603 lbs. 8”
Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot
$$Suede and denier nylon uppersVibramless than 2 lbs. each8”

A Few Final Thoughts When Purchasing Combat Boots

Finding the best combat boots for your individual needs is no easy task. That’s because there are many different army boots out there in the marketplace to choose from. Unfortunately, some of those military boot models are not very good ones. So you have to take your time and do a thorough search because the best military boots are not just going to come up to you and say “here I am”.

We hope that what we have done in this article will help you in your search for the best army boots. Keep in mind that any of the military boot models that we did reviews on would make a nice footwear addition to your armed services wardrobe. If you feel none of those is the right model combat boot for you, then use the information in the buying guide to help you in your new combat boot search. Either way, you should be able to end up with a high-quality military boot that more than adequately meets your needs.


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